Fine Dining

The enchanted dining experience under the nature.

Wang Hinghoi, great environment restaurant near Sukhumvit.

The Theme

In a big bustling city like Bangkok

The beginning of ‘Wang Hinghoi’ started from the location that we have in the central city between Petchaburi Road and RCA which is a great opportunity to open the restaurant under the concept of balancing the city with nature. Hence, we operate a restaurant under the concept of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. We also bring firefly which is a symbol of the ecological abundance and play the major role to run the whole process. Our restaurant will be opened for 18 months which will be divided into themes, Earth, Water, Wind and fire, 4 months each and the last two months will be a summary of all the stories that we will gather to communicate the balance of nature between the chaos of the city and nature. We also serve a selection of specialties from each theme.


The Foundation and source of life.



The medium of life and the transition element representing growth.


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Nourishing the life from its root and generating the new circle of life.


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A celebration of life, representing the energy of living which shines through the firefly itself.


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The four elements of EARTH, WATER, WIND and WATER are the foundations of life.


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– Fire


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